Big Gay Debutante Ball #BTS 》Performance Artist Meg Anderson

Years ago, I met a performance artist in a coffee shop.

I was sitting at a communal table with another friend talking about trying to get my website launched. Meg leaned over, unabashedly eavesdropping, and said, “Do you have any tips? I’m working on my website too!”

It turned out she was a singer/songwriter/dancer. My friend and I happened to be organizing a backyard fundraising party that weekend, so we asked Meg if she wanted to perform at our party, and she said sure.

In the years since that first meeting, I’ve witnessed her creative process firsthand in ways that inspire me endlessly. She’s transparent in her process, she takes up odd jobs to support her creative habit, she practices and practices and practices, she GETS DEEP IN IT. Over and over.

This shoot—a sort of behind-the-scenes for Meg’s solo show “Big Gay Debutante Ball”—was super weird and experimental for me. We did it while my kid was napping. We used a random flesh-colored wall in the backyard, midday light, on-camera flash. No preconceived ideas of what the images would end up looking like. Meg did a rough dress rehearsal and I shot photos. It was fun and freeing. And also sweaty.