Let’s make this fun,
shall we?

Here’s my approach to photography and/or life:

Human connection can be a transcendent experience. You already know that—you’re probably looking for a photographer to document your love and connection to another human(s). But a connection with your photographer is really important, too.

That’s because you’re asking your photographer to witness and document something special happening in your life, and it matters that you and your photographer really dig each other as people. Your experience with your photographer will affect how you experience the resulting photos. It’s as simple as that.

I strive for photo sessions that are beauty-affirming, heart-bursting, honest collaborations that accurately reflect whatever slice of your life I’m there to document—in all of your grandness, imperfection, beauty, and weirdness. That sounds pretty lofty, and maybe we won’t get there, but that’s my goal with every single session I do.

I want you to love your partner, your family, and/or your self even more than when we started.

I’ll get in it with you. We’ll go on a walk together to look for that nice light. I’ll unobtrusively take photos and you’ll forget I’m there, or at least not care that I’m there. I’ll suggest some prompts or give some goofy directions, and we’ll try stuff and probably laugh about it. I’ll drink whatever coffee you’re making, or buy you a beer. I’ll get on the floor and play with your kids.

And then I’ll deliver photos that, hopefully, make you say,

“Yep, this is us. This is our beautiful little legacy.”