Also, a quick word on my photo principles…

…because I think this matters when you’re shopping for a photographer. Here are a few principles that guide my photography and my business:


I work to photograph love and families in all forms, and I work to keep myself educated. I welcome all body types, abilities, orientations, and identities. Love is love. And representation matters. Representation matters. Representation matters.


Yes, professional photography is an investment, but it should also be accessible. I offer payment plans for any photography session costing $550 or more, and I’m always happy to talk through options to come up with a plan that works for both of us.


I like to collaborate with the people I photograph. Have ideas about where you wanna go or what you wanna do? Let’s hear it. I will never pretend to be the expert about what will make a good photo session for you, though I will do my due diligence around having some ideas or giving direction as needed.


I tend towards a photojournalistic style, and I’m really interested in documenting YOU. Every couple has their own way of showing each other love and affection—some through small gestures, some by constantly putting their hands all over each other. You do you, and I won’t ever ask or direct you to do something that doesn’t feel comfortable or authentic.

You also won’t find any “styled shoots” in my portfolio, which are photo shoots designed and arranged specifically for photographers to add conventionally beautiful images to their portfolios. I only shoot and feature actual weddings, actual couples, and actual families.


To the best of my ability, I patronize eco-friendly, small and/or local businesses for such goods as camera gear, equipment rentals, client prints and albums, business cards, and even my professional wardrobe. Basically, when it comes to my business, I try to put my money where my mouth is.