Selected Clips

I have contributed breaking news, arts & culture, profiles, and political coverage to radio and print and online publications, with a particular emphasis on alternative weeklies and hyperlocal news sites. Below is a selection of published written and audio work.

Audiograph's Sound of the Week: Mama's Royal Cafe — KALW 91.7 FM San Francisco — Oct. 2016
"I am a career waitress. And when I get up to go in the morning, it's showtime to me, it's showtime."  —Sherry Jean Cooper

An Oakland Bus Stop Becomes a Political Battleground — KALW 91.7 FM San Francisco — May 2016
An AC Transit bus stop at the Broadway and 30th intersection served many bus riders who relied on the stop to access medical services, a Grocery Outlet, and CVS. But early last year, City of Oakland officials forced AC Transit to remove the stop, under circumstances that have bus riders in an uproar.

A Spiritual Church Without God — East Bay Express — Sept. 2015
Sometimes called an "atheist church," Oakland's Sunday Assembly could best be described as humanist, more indicative of a celebration of life than a call for anti-theism.

Hundreds of Workers Rally Across the East Bay for the "Fight for $15" — Richmond Confidential — April 2015
Fast food and low-wage workers in Oakland, Richmond and Berkeley joined a workers’ strike dubbed “Fight for $15," continuing a two-year-long campaign that calls on fast food chains to institute a $15 minimum wage and the right for workers to unionize without reprisal.

Former Richmond Police Officer Sues City and Chief Magnus for Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment — Richmond Confidential — April 2015
A former Richmond police officer is suing the City of Richmond and Chief of Police Chris Magnus for wrongful termination.

Little Free Library Movement Begins to Blossom in Richmond (video and text) — Richmond Confidential — March 2015
The concept is simple: a handful of books in a wooden box, mounted in a public space. The books are free.

Thousands Rally in Oakland to Call for an End to Fracking — Oakland North — Feb. 2015
Despite early signs of rain, thousands of people converged in Oakland in what organizers are billing as the largest anti-fracking demonstration in U.S. history.

Two Years Later, Fast Food Workers' Fight for $15 and a Union Still Going Strong — Richmond Confidential — Dec. 2014
Cecilia Rodriguez has lived in Richmond for 24 years. Over the past seven, she has worked for $8 an hour at a McDonald’s on Macdonald Avenue to support her three children, all of whom are currently in college.

Backyard Butchering Class in Richmond Raises Dialogue about Death and Killing — Richmond Confidential — Dec. 2014
There is nothing graceful about the first time you kill an animal. As with most things, you get better with practice.

The 'Master of Disaster' Shapes Public Opinion in Richmond and Beyond — Richmond Confidential — Oct. 2014
Sam Singer was still at his office in downtown San Francisco, writing and brainstorming strategies for clients, when the phone rang. The call was from the Chevron refinery in Richmond. They were, they said, “having an issue.”

What Does Chevron Stand to Gain From Big Spending in Richmond Elections? — KQED — Oct. 2014
Chevron has poured millions into a campaign committee to influence Richmond’s mayoral and City Council elections, and the unprecedented spending has fueled questions about what the oil titan hopes to achieve with the best city government its money can buy. Originally published in Richmond Confidential.

Foodie Start-Up SpoonRocket Offers Oaklanders Mobile Gourmet Meals — Live Work Oakland — Nov. 2013
“SpoonRocket time is similar to dog years,” Noah Hoffman says. “You know how dog years are seven years per human year? Things happen really fast at SpoonRocket, so a month is like a SpoonRocket year.”

n/a, a North Oakland Gallery that Defies Definition — Oakland Local — Aug. 2013
When it comes to non-applicability, n/a starts geographically; it resides not in an established art or commercial neighborhood, but rather lives among the people.

The Grease Diner Serves Up Art with a Side of DIY — Oakland Local — July 2013
Husband-and-wife team Jon Jon Cassagnol and Laurie Shapiro bill the Grease Diner as an “art galleria bodega,” meaning that it’s simultaneously an art gallery, a community hangout space, a shop, Shapiro’s painting studio, and a hostel for artists in residence.

Madness and Mayhem, No Regrets to Be Had — Oakland Local — July 2013
Billing itself as “the freakfest” and “the fight club of underground art,” Tourettes Without Regrets is a monthly event helmed by redheaded madman Jamie DeWolf (formerly Jamie Kennedy), an Oakland-based slam poet, filmmaker, screenwriter, comedian and jack-of-all-performance-trades.

Queer Contra Dance's Balance and Swing — Oakland Local — June 2013
A queer contra dance means dancing with all skill levels and fashion statements, everything from handlebar ‘staches and cowboy boots to sequined tank tops and clogs.

75 Things to Do in San Francisco This Summer — Flavorwire — June 2013
A roundup of cultural events.

Minh Dang on Fighting Modern-Day Slavery in Bay Area and Worldwide — Oakland Local — June 2013
An interview with Minh Dang, an Oakland-based activist recognized as a White House Champion of Change

An Interview with Mia Mingus, Oakland Champion of Change, on Transformative Justice — Oakland Local — May 2013
Mia Mingus describes herself as a queer physically disabled woman of color transracial/transnational adoptee—an identity that only begins to explain the personal background that informs Mingus’ cross-sectional social change work.

The Mesmerizing, Magical World of Akal Singh — Oakland Local — April 2013
Akal Singh is an expert in making things disappear and appear out of nowhere.

The Oakland of Our Peaceful Dreams — Oakland Local — March 2013
If you were going to run 13.1 miles, this is the way I would recommend you do it: in the arms of your own city, in the company of your fellow town dwellers.